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Bruce Findlay - a biography

Born Edinburgh 5th February 1944.

Educated at Stenhouse Primary School and The Royal High School in Edinburgh.

Left school in 1959 aged 15 and moved to Falkirk, where he started work in Angus MacDougall's Record Shop which was managed by his mother.

In 1962 aged 18 Bruce set off to hitch-hike round the world - some chance - he did make it to Morocco, and spent over a year in Spain and France working in a vineyard and a farm on the Somme. Being sent a regular supply of records and the NME from his mother, Bruce couldn't wait to return in the summer of 1963 to be in the middle of the explosion of sensational new music being made in Britain.

Bruce worked in several other record shops for the next few years in Edinburgh, Stirling and London, taking six months time out in 1966 to run a beach bar in Majorca.

Bruce's Record Shops

He then joined his brother in partnership and opened their own record shop in Falkirk in 1967. By the early 1970s this had grown into Scotland's best known record shop chain. Spread throughout central Scotland they specialised in American imports and underground rock and were famous for their distinctive red carrier bags with the legend "I Found It At Bruce's".

In 1973, Bruce was asked by the then Lord Provost of Edinburgh Jack Kane to organise and promote the first ever Edinburgh Pop Festival in association with the Edinburgh Festival at the Empire Theatre (now the Festival Theatre). These concerts were spread over the three week period of the festival and featured amongst others Kevin Ayres, Gong, The Incredible String Band, Can, Procul Harum, Planxty and The Chieftans.

Zoom Records

In 1977 Bruce started his own record label, Zoom Records. His first single "For Adolfs Only" by The Valves sold 15,000 copies and this was quickly followed with similar success by a follow-up from The Valves, "Ain't No Surf In Portobello", and singles from PVC2, The Zones, Mike Heron, The Questions and in 1978 Simple Minds.

Simple Minds

Bruce developed a unique relationship with Simple Minds and managed them from 1978 to 1990.

His time was completely taken up by Simple Minds and by 1980 he resigned from the record shop chain and put his record label Zoom into "cold storage" to concentrate on management.


In 1982 Bruce expanded the management company, and managed along with Simple Minds, China Crisis, The Silencers, Muriel Gray and Calum Malcolm.

Simple Minds

In 1985 Bruce worked closely with Bill Graham and was able to confirm Simple Minds as the first UK act to commit to playing Live Aid in Philadelphia.

Again in 1988 he worked closely with the Anti Apartheid Movement and Tony Hollingsworth on the Wembley Nelson Mandela Tribute concert, where once more Simple Minds became the first act to commit to doing the concert.

MMF and In The City

In 1990 Bruce split with Simple Minds and since then has become more involved in consultancy work and education in the music business. He regularly lectures at colleges throughout the UK, and also chaired the first ever managers' meeting at the inaugural In The City, Manchester, out of which the IMF was formed (now MMF). Bruce remained a director of the MMF, and although he now remains a member, he resigned his directorship after a year to concentrate on his consultancy and college work.

Radio Shows

A regular broadcaster on Scottish radio stations, Radio Forth, Scot FM and BBC Radio Scotland, he hosted his own show on Scot FM and Radio Forth with an eclectic mix of music and talk.

In 1997 Bruce encouraged Tony Wilson and Yvette Livesey to bring the UK's most important music seminar "In The City" to Glasgow, and acted as their Scottish contact for the event.

New Deal for Musicians

In 1998 he became a member of the "Music Industry Taskforce" set up as an advisory body to help the government establish a long overdue shake-up in the way "unemployed" musicians are treated by The Department of Employment with the "New Deal" initiative. Bruce hosted the launch of The New Deal for Musicians at Stow College in Glasgow where Rhona Brankin made the official announcement. He remains a member of the taskforce.

Pictures of Aberfeldy

Having recently worked with the Falkland Hill Yaks, The Ruffness, Calum Malcolm and Stuart Hamilton (producers), Bruce is now managing Edinburgh band Aberfeldy.

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