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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

back in the 1960's

Malcolm Dickson, Bruce, Joe Boyd, John Cavanagh ... Photo: Julia Nicolle

It was a pleasure to join Joe Boyd 'on stage' at Trongate 103 last Saturday and John Cavanagh did a splendid job in leading the proceedings. The discussion centred around the 60's and it was great to hear of Joe's early years in the UK....he was absolutely in the thick of it in mid decade London. A couple of interesting facts to come out of our chat were that the underground movement was not just a London phenomenon, and how much influence IT (International Times) had on the 'scene' nationwide.
Street Level at Trongate 103( ) is a very welcoming place and is in a great part of Glasgow...well worth a visit as it embodies the spirit of the 60's and reassures me that the underground and alternative thought will always be part of NOW.....

Long live the Revolution !!
Bruce Findlay