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Thursday, July 23, 2009


The Pretenders new line-up was sensational last week at the ABC Glasgow and Chrissie was at her magical best...I love them ! Simple Minds also pulled out ALL the stops at Edinburgh Castle when a downpour of biblical proportions tried ( in vain ) to spoil their spiritual homecoming last Saturday( see previous haver )....NO CHANCE...What a band...What a crowd..What a show!...Much heralded critics ? What do they know?...not much, but then, they get paid to say something and of course 'Simple Minds defy the odds' is too easy....but it was true... and some.

Edinburgh suffered real grief last week with the tragic loss of a local hero ..Ewan Williamson, a fireman who died in his job, on duty,at a fire in Dalry. These people ( firemen and women )deserve all our praise and thanks and along with the police and ambulance services should be backed 100% by our local council and the Holyrood government.Ewan's family and his workmates deserve all our sympathy for the tragic loss of someone who from all reports was a fantastic guy...and a real loss to our city.

The 'bin dispute' rages on in Edinburgh just now, and for those of you who don't live's HORRIBLE. I don't understand our local authorities who are letting workers ( who sadly most of us take for granted )suffer from a huge drop in their standard of living by changing the way they are paid,resulting in a substantial lowering of their take home pay...STOP THIS NOW...and while I am ranting...GET BEHIND THE TRAM PROJECT.....It will be a HUGE benefit to the city and tourism when it is completed ( sad thing is's only for one route ).

Rant over...

Long Live the Revolution!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Simple Minds/Edinburgh Castle...

Photo: Julia Nicolle

Rain kept falling and was incessant....I was lucky and only got soaked, but others got drenched.What a night of great music it was however and the Silencers were in excellent form with Martin and Joe playing like they did twenty years ago and young James was a revelation on guitar.Jimme was always a great frontman and didn't let us down despite the downpour.
It looked like the gig might have got 'pulled' after the Silencers as the rain got heavier and heavier, but, hey it's Scotland in the summer...IT RAINS quite a lot and Simple Minds were not going to let a monsoon like downpour put them off and stormed into their opening number 'Waterfront' with total passion and zest. The next two hours was a simple love affair between the band and the best fans in the world...what a show...The Minds are back on form.
Met up with Simon, Shaun and George....all fans who had travelled some distance to see the band....maybe see you all again soon..

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Edinburgh and Glasgow.....this politics.

Crosby/Stills and Nash ( Edinburgh Castle) last Saturday, 11th....wee bit flat at the start but it did warm up,unlike the weather, and in the end it was great night.
Caught bits of T in the Park on T.V.,but it's not the same as being there,however one of of my daughters was there and it sounds like she had a 'blast'.
It's all go at the moment with Duran Duran and my old friends Simple Minds both doing Edinburgh Castle later this week....I know Simple Minds sold out a few months ago, but I believe there are still a few hundred Duran Duran tickets left..but be quick if you want one.
Tomorrow night at the ABC Glasgow the coolest woman, well person, in Rock...Chrissie Hynde ( the Pretenders)....I will be there and I can't wait !
If you are looking for a cool place to go after 'the Minds' gig on Saturday try Cabaret Voltaire, just down the High Street from the castle and turn right a hundred yards after St Giles Cathedral and another couple of hundred yards down the hill on the left....Gareth Sommerville hosts the evening 'Ultragroove' with Steven Rodgers and the Club for Heroes DJs doing their stuff ...11.00 p.m till 3.00am..well worth the 7 entry fee.
There is a thunderstorm going on outside my office just now but I don't care and in fact I'm off out to 'face it''

All you need is LOVE !!

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Too Long...what is twittering?

It's been too long since I last 'havered'..........

Elections/spring/football...well,Hibs....Oasis at Murrayfield....sensational and it got right up a local 'right wing' M.P's nose( he likes rugby but not 'noisy rock 'n' roll...poor soul)....but it was a great day and it was fantastic for Edinburgh.
Paulo Nutini has been to number one in the charts, and quite right know what I think of young Paulo !
Michael Jackson dies and his dad, as ever tries to make capital out of it.Hey Jo...leave him alone...your son was an incredibly gifted artist and anyone who thinks your type of management made Michael the artist he was has no idea about the 'thing' that makes an artist. Treating the young Michael like some kind of freak on the other hand ..may have had something to do with his torment.
Rest in peace Michael and WHAT a catalogue of sensational recordings and videos of your music and performance you have left behind for those who want to remember your
unique talent...amazing!
Leith Town Hall ( Leith you young folks) needs an urgent dose of needs millions of pounds to save it for Leith and Edinburgh.The sums I have heard would hardly buy 'that' Ronaldo's right foot,but would be worth a HUNDRED times more.This space,at the end of Ferry Road in Ediburgh/Leith is a fabulous 'space' that deserves to be brought back to life for the community it serves AND beyond....Please, those of you who care about this city/artists/ and what makes a country 'tick' out for any initiative that might bring this space 'back to life' and get involved....'many a mickle makes a muckle'

Andy Murray ...Andy Murray...Andy Murray...I love this guy and along with most of Britain I just want to say..what a sensational year you have had and we all (well I do..sorry)...KNOW ..The best is yet to come ...good luck at the U.S. Open.

Glasto..has come and gone...and I have to say Bruce and Neil did it for me.

Crosby/Stills and Nash this week-end at Edinburgh's your turn..come on 'blow our minds'...'Don't you know I'm riding,on the...'

Must rush...the soil needs feeding !
Bruce Findlay