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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

tax evading chancers

Hey it's that time of the month again and 'Born to be Wide' is on tomorrow (Thurs 5th March) at the Voodoo Rooms Edinburgh.
At a time when the greedy have all but crippled the world's financial markets resulting in massive redundancies all over the world, would it not be wonderful if the billionaire failures owned up and brought their easy earned billions back into their respective home countries and PAID THEIR TAXES.Apparently it runs to around 100billion $'s(dollars) a year in America and it must in the billions in the Uk and Ireland as well...I do get a bit excited,but I'm not sorry,just a bit of dreamer.

YOU TOO could show the way though!!

Long live the Revolution....see you at Born to be Wide.
Bruce Findlay