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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Photo: Julia Nicolle

John 'Hoppy'Hopkins exhibition of photographs from the 1960's at Glasgow's Trongate 103 is a wonderful reminder of the impact the 'cultural underground' had on our attitude to politics and politicians at that time.Politicians love 'hanging out' with cool( well famous)artists especially in the run up to elections, but they hate it when artists have the audacity to challenge their(the politicians) policies.In fact the establishment will often try to 'silence' them....'Stick to making music' they say...Well you know what? I believe artists(writers/painters/musicians,especially the opinionated ones)more than most politicians and it was so inspiring to hear Hoppy in conversation with John Cavanagh last Saturday at Trongate 103 recounting his time in the 60's working with CND setting up IT (International Times)and of course his photographs of that time tell it all.

Next week (Saturday 10th Oct)I will be in the 'hotseat'along with legendary American producer Joe Boyd and of course our own John Cavanagh will be in the chair...maybe see you then ?

This Thursday it's Born to be Wide again,and as always at the Voodoo Rooms Edinburgh..I will be there.

In this year of 'Homecoming' there has not been enough heard from the 'underground' as it is very much an 'establishment' idea but I have a feeling that might be changing and we certainly need change.

Long live the Revolution!


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