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Monday, July 06, 2009

Too Long...what is twittering?

It's been too long since I last 'havered'..........

Elections/spring/football...well,Hibs....Oasis at Murrayfield....sensational and it got right up a local 'right wing' M.P's nose( he likes rugby but not 'noisy rock 'n' roll...poor soul)....but it was a great day and it was fantastic for Edinburgh.
Paulo Nutini has been to number one in the charts, and quite right know what I think of young Paulo !
Michael Jackson dies and his dad, as ever tries to make capital out of it.Hey Jo...leave him alone...your son was an incredibly gifted artist and anyone who thinks your type of management made Michael the artist he was has no idea about the 'thing' that makes an artist. Treating the young Michael like some kind of freak on the other hand ..may have had something to do with his torment.
Rest in peace Michael and WHAT a catalogue of sensational recordings and videos of your music and performance you have left behind for those who want to remember your
unique talent...amazing!
Leith Town Hall ( Leith you young folks) needs an urgent dose of needs millions of pounds to save it for Leith and Edinburgh.The sums I have heard would hardly buy 'that' Ronaldo's right foot,but would be worth a HUNDRED times more.This space,at the end of Ferry Road in Ediburgh/Leith is a fabulous 'space' that deserves to be brought back to life for the community it serves AND beyond....Please, those of you who care about this city/artists/ and what makes a country 'tick' out for any initiative that might bring this space 'back to life' and get involved....'many a mickle makes a muckle'

Andy Murray ...Andy Murray...Andy Murray...I love this guy and along with most of Britain I just want to say..what a sensational year you have had and we all (well I do..sorry)...KNOW ..The best is yet to come ...good luck at the U.S. Open.

Glasto..has come and gone...and I have to say Bruce and Neil did it for me.

Crosby/Stills and Nash this week-end at Edinburgh's your turn..come on 'blow our minds'...'Don't you know I'm riding,on the...'

Must rush...the soil needs feeding !


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