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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Simple Minds/Edinburgh Castle...

Photo: Julia Nicolle

Rain kept falling and was incessant....I was lucky and only got soaked, but others got drenched.What a night of great music it was however and the Silencers were in excellent form with Martin and Joe playing like they did twenty years ago and young James was a revelation on guitar.Jimme was always a great frontman and didn't let us down despite the downpour.
It looked like the gig might have got 'pulled' after the Silencers as the rain got heavier and heavier, but, hey it's Scotland in the summer...IT RAINS quite a lot and Simple Minds were not going to let a monsoon like downpour put them off and stormed into their opening number 'Waterfront' with total passion and zest. The next two hours was a simple love affair between the band and the best fans in the world...what a show...The Minds are back on form.
Met up with Simon, Shaun and George....all fans who had travelled some distance to see the band....maybe see you all again soon..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly missed you Bruce, as I was so drenched (wore just a t-shirt, and jeans, shoes binned), didn't hang around. Did catch up with Jimmie, who looks good for moving to France. Doesn't seem like 20 years since started helping run their Information service.
Not the best gig I've seen from the Minds, but the passion and energy was there. Hey we're human and the night the rsin the togetherness from the wet crowd made this night a night to remember.

Steve (the guy who goes to too many SM gigs)

10:40 PM  
Anonymous happycat30 said...

I have been there too - and it was a great night !
Been soaked through - but hey - Simple Minds - what else to say.
Worth the travelling !!!
Met up with friends and our some of our Community-Members ( ) and had a great Week in Scotland - topped by the Ferry Gig and SM at Edinburgh !

9:57 AM  

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