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Thursday, July 23, 2009


The Pretenders new line-up was sensational last week at the ABC Glasgow and Chrissie was at her magical best...I love them ! Simple Minds also pulled out ALL the stops at Edinburgh Castle when a downpour of biblical proportions tried ( in vain ) to spoil their spiritual homecoming last Saturday( see previous haver )....NO CHANCE...What a band...What a crowd..What a show!...Much heralded critics ? What do they know?...not much, but then, they get paid to say something and of course 'Simple Minds defy the odds' is too easy....but it was true... and some.

Edinburgh suffered real grief last week with the tragic loss of a local hero ..Ewan Williamson, a fireman who died in his job, on duty,at a fire in Dalry. These people ( firemen and women )deserve all our praise and thanks and along with the police and ambulance services should be backed 100% by our local council and the Holyrood government.Ewan's family and his workmates deserve all our sympathy for the tragic loss of someone who from all reports was a fantastic guy...and a real loss to our city.

The 'bin dispute' rages on in Edinburgh just now, and for those of you who don't live's HORRIBLE. I don't understand our local authorities who are letting workers ( who sadly most of us take for granted )suffer from a huge drop in their standard of living by changing the way they are paid,resulting in a substantial lowering of their take home pay...STOP THIS NOW...and while I am ranting...GET BEHIND THE TRAM PROJECT.....It will be a HUGE benefit to the city and tourism when it is completed ( sad thing is's only for one route ).

Rant over...

Long Live the Revolution!


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