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Monday, July 13, 2009

Edinburgh and Glasgow.....this politics.

Crosby/Stills and Nash ( Edinburgh Castle) last Saturday, 11th....wee bit flat at the start but it did warm up,unlike the weather, and in the end it was great night.
Caught bits of T in the Park on T.V.,but it's not the same as being there,however one of of my daughters was there and it sounds like she had a 'blast'.
It's all go at the moment with Duran Duran and my old friends Simple Minds both doing Edinburgh Castle later this week....I know Simple Minds sold out a few months ago, but I believe there are still a few hundred Duran Duran tickets left..but be quick if you want one.
Tomorrow night at the ABC Glasgow the coolest woman, well person, in Rock...Chrissie Hynde ( the Pretenders)....I will be there and I can't wait !
If you are looking for a cool place to go after 'the Minds' gig on Saturday try Cabaret Voltaire, just down the High Street from the castle and turn right a hundred yards after St Giles Cathedral and another couple of hundred yards down the hill on the left....Gareth Sommerville hosts the evening 'Ultragroove' with Steven Rodgers and the Club for Heroes DJs doing their stuff ...11.00 p.m till 3.00am..well worth the 7 entry fee.
There is a thunderstorm going on outside my office just now but I don't care and in fact I'm off out to 'face it''

All you need is LOVE !!


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