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Friday, May 30, 2008

It's been a long time

It's been a long time, but then Aberfeldy have been going through a few changes in line-up and are now about to release some new songs and will be doing their first gig in some time at the very cool Leith Festival (June 4th @ The Dockers Club). Although they have not been gigging much they have been writing lots of new songs some of which were debuted at the Voodoo Rooms last Christmas and there will be a few releases coming soon ...check Aberfeldy's MySpace for updates.

Been to so many great gigs in the last year - Brian Wilson, Neil Young, Proclaimers, Average White Band and lots more....spoken to lots of students about the wonderful Music Business and the massive changes that are taking place.....mostly good in my opinion..i.e. more power to the artists. If you are not a music student but like to mix with music type people then Born to be Wide at the Voodoo Rooms on the first Thursday of every month is the place to hang out. It is very cool and it is FREE.

Labour is still the best option, don't listen to the right wing propaganda!

Long live the revolution.
Bruce Findlay