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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Simple Minds

What a great week for live music ..Simple Minds at the SECC..fantastic and then for Radio Clyde's 'Cash For Kids' at the very cool ABC in Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow on Sunday and didn't they play well. The last time they played 'The American' in Sauchiehall Street was the first time they played it live and that was at Tiffanys on Wednesday 14th July 1981, strangely enough for the same promoter, Regular Music. This was an amazing gig (Sunday) and 'vibe-wise' was just like 1981..lots of the same songs, same street, same crowd and they didn't look a day older (well ...maybe a bit)...what a show.

Tommy Reilly

Opening for 'The Minds' was a young Glasgow singer songwriter Tommy Reilly, who reminded me of a young Bob Dylan. I thought he was excellent and his 'wordplay' good humour and general performance in front of a knowledgeable and sophisticated crowd was something to out for young Tommy... he's a star.

Sober Tongues

On Saturday I was part of a panel judging a 'Battle of the Bands' gig at Edinburgh's newest venue, The Picture House in Lothian Road,which is not unlike the aforementioned ABC. This place was a venue in years gone by, but for the last decade or two it's been a 'cheesy' disco... welcome back, Edinburgh has needed you for a long time. The event, sponsored by the Edinburgh Evening News, was excellent and I was most impressed with all four finalists, Underbelly, 48, Rieser and Sober Tongues. The crowd was not large, but they were very enthusiastic and, like them, I was 'knocked out' by the sheer energy and attitude of Sober Tongues whose high energy 'punk' ethos won me over and they were worthy winners.

My football team won at the weekend and it was a joy to read Gordon Strachan's opinion of the game.......................get real Gordon... the best team won on the day and if you thought the first goal was a fluke then the second was 'pure magic'

Long live the revolution!


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