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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Music over Politics

Over the last few weeks I have seen so many great gigs..Leonard Cohen,The Proclaimers,Lou Reed,Neil Young and last week-end Tom Waits.......What a blast!
While Cameron,Salmond and co. gloat at Gordon Brown's hammering from the right wing press and general lack of charisma( now a sin in politics)while saying NOTHING about their own ideas,poets of a certain age say it like it is.
Edinburgh has seen some great concerts over the years, but the gigs at Edinburgh Castle and at the splendid Edinburgh Playhouse this summer have been nothing less than sensational and not being a critic I won't bore you with any kind of review...there are plenty on the web and some good stuff on youtube....check it out.
It gives me some respite from my gloating nationalist friends in this neck of the woods who would have us separate from the rest of Britain in some kind of mistaken belief that Scotland would be a better place...Jeez how I hate nationalism.Remember the 30's (no I thought not )but the world was going through some very tough times then and nationalism reared it's very dangerous head in Europe in the mistaken belief that separatism was the answer.BULLSHIT!! We should be working together..we are a small planet..with limited resources which we should share with each other and I for one feel it is time for the internationalists to stand up to the media moguls and their overpaid hacks who are fueling the notion that English(the tories) and Scottish(snp)nationalism is better than the troubled government we have at the moment.....too simple......Listen to the poets...they don't lie !!


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