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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Island Records.....The Best.

Just back from sunny London after enjoying an amazing reunion at The Cross Keys in Chiswick where I met up with about a hundred 'Island' people from the 60's and 70's who got back together just for 'the hell of it'.Phil Lowrey,one of those Island people from that time,contacted a couple of old friends and suggested getting together 'for old times sake'...and it grew. I can't think of any record label in the world that could muster this kind of affection...but then Island Records is the 'Real Deal'..I loved them then( my Bruce's days...special mention to Phil Cooper)
and I love them now.
I keep getting sent demos ( or.. hey man check our myspace )and I keep liking what I hear...well actually most of it is crap,but there are some little gems in amongst it.
If you like young rock bands ,for example,then this week Talk In Code is what turns me on.
Being in London over the weekend obviously I could not be at T in the Park, but I did catch a lot on late night TV and was blown away by The Chemical Bros./REM and of course THE WONDERFUL Primal Scream...not the same as being there,but hey.
It's shit that little knife weilding cowards spoiled the party........what happened to love and peace? Thank the paramedics for saving the young guy who was stabbed and getting him to hospital in time to save his life.I hope the ugly little thugs that did this get caught and that the 100,000 plus music lovers who otherwise had a great time come back next year.
I'm going to do some 'Astral projecting''s sunny this evening and Edinburgh looks sensational.....Long live the (international) revolution !


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