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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Exciting times

It's been a phenomenally busy and exciting time since I last wrote a blog at the beginning of the Aberfeldy tour with The Beautiful South. They were the best hosts imaginable and the tour ended on a beautiful high in Liverpool some weeks ago.

It's been non-stop for Aberfeldy since then with trips to France (Eurokenes Festival), Oxford (Cornbury Festival), Isle of Skye (Festival) and as guests of James Blunt in Belfast, Berlin, Stirling and Weil am Rhein in Germany.

In between all that was a wonderful surreal coach trip to Aberfeldy the town, where after a visit to the local Aberfeldy Distillery the band played a blistering set in the Town Hall.

Do Whatever Turns You On has now been released to some great reviews and elicited live radio sessions for Vic Galloway, Mark Radcliffe, Tom Robinson and Jim Gellately. And, there is no let up in the hectic schedule with more radio sessions, festival gigs in Gateshead and Ireland and a UK-wide album tour in September.

Over the last couple of weeks I've been listening to lots of music (Neil Young,Flaming Lips,Primal Scream...) and watching a bit of TV, including T in the Park highlights, Primal Scream being the highlight for me. They also featured in the amazing documentary about the Glastonbury festival, shown over the weekend.
The Edinburgh Festival begins in a couple of weeks and the city is already full of tourists with many more to come....I love it.It's like the whole world comes to visit to play or perform or watch and listen...come and try it!
Bruce Findlay