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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Flaming Lips/Aliens and Santas

Wonderful madness at Edinburgh's Usher Hall last night when the Flaming Lips began their U.K.tour in a sea of balloons, streamers, strobes and Wayne Coyne arriving from 'outer space' in a giant bubble.....what a blast.

Bruce's Havers

Thursday, April 13, 2006

From Austin to Dunfermline

SXSW was great fun and, for both Aberfeldy and myself, a great success. Obviously my main purpose for being there was to meet with agents, publishers, record companies and of course hang out with Aberfeldy but I did have time to see other things. Echo and the Bunnymen were sensational in the Park and Ian McCulloch in particular was well up for it. Other highs were Paulo Nutini from Paisley and Cayto.

Kansas City was a complete contrast but equally fascinating. Both Aberfeldy gigs went well and on our night off 'Its Over'(a young Kansas band) were a breath of fresh air. Thanks to the hospitality of Gordon, Mary, Debbie and Pat, our stay in Kansas was a very welcome break before going on to New York. I've been going to New York for nearly 40 years and it never fails to amaze and impress me - I love it. Alex Moss of Rough Trade looked after the band and myself while we were there and made our trip truly worth while and enjoyable. Both gigs at the Piano Bar and the Mercury Lounge were a joy and hearing Young Forever blasting out of the speakers at CBGBs was a delight.The band did a bit of recording, on a day off,in Brooklyn where we also saw playing live 'Dirty Dog'and 'What made Milwaukee Famous' for both of them, they were a gas.

The great thing about going away is coming back and I always love coming back to Edinburgh. A bit of wonderful normality in the office and hearing great new records on the radio - Primal Scream 'Country Girl' The Flaming Lips new album and more... and daffodils!

On Tuesday night I was at the Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline along with Barry Wright, Stuart McCue (Is This Music), Tam Coyle, Evan Henderson, and Tim Barr (News of the World), talking to a packed room at the Carnegie Hall annexe about the music scene in Dunfermline. It was an inspiring and fun night and the enthusiasm from all the people in attendance was quite uplifting. Suffice it to say Dunfermline still rocks and of all the CDs I was given that night, which were all pretty good, I have to say that the one that really stuck out was The Draymin,who just have that 'something'on record at least...I want to see them live now.

I'll be back to 'normal' next week when I can get used to this 'blog' thing,until then.....enjoy the new 'Flaming Lips' love love !
Bruce Findlay