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Monday, October 16, 2006

In The City (Bruce) Mexico City (Aberfeldy)

An exciting weekend coming up as Aberfeldy fly out to Mexico on a trip organised by the British Council ( and I go on my regular trip to the home of the coolest music convention in England - In The City Manchester.

Live music is enjoying a bit of a boom and with new festivals springing up all over the U.K. it's a great time for artists and public alike. Although record sales are maybe slipping a bit,the insatiable appetite for music from music fans is stronger than's just how we get it that's changing and how we pay for it. New artists coming into the industry now have 'tools' that just did not exist to them a few year's ago and with MySpace and YouTube and artist's own websites they (the artists) have far more opportunities of doing their 'own thing' and reaching a very sophisticated world-wide audience without the inconvience of having to seek 'the record deal'. Some, if not most, artists will still take the conventional route and look for a cool record company to help them reach as many people as possible with their music and in my opinion the good record companies will always be around...and that is a good thing. I just believe that because of the changing world what we need is not 3 or 4 major companies controlling the global music market but thousands possibly millions of record labels where selling a few thousand records is profitable. Like minded labels would form alliances around the world where the 'bottom line' is the mutual love of music.

Publishers and collection societies are now in a position where they can really influence the future as income streams from music become more and more diverse and I look to them to unlock these streams that keep emerging (easier said than done).

Aberfeldy are taking part in Oxfam's nationwide fund-raising campaign on their return from Mexico, playing at their 'home from home' the Bongo Club Edinburgh on the 27th Oct.

The Scottish Arts Council and Regular Music are setting up a tour for Aberfeldy in April next year, as part of the Arts Council's excellent Tune Up series. This will take in Orkney and Skye as well as several other Scottish places the band have not played before.

Riley has been having fun making a tour video, you can see it on for more film stuff from the Feldys over the next few months.

I'm off to pack my bag for Manchester.....maybe see you there !


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