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Monday, September 18, 2006

Electric Picnic, Loch Tay and Aberfeldy

Moved house.

Went on holiday to Loch Tay - butterflies, red squirrels, buzzards, mushrooms, and friends... a good time.

Missed most of the Festival this year but thoroughly enjoyed Gill Bowman at the Royal Oak, loved her song about not wanting her sons to be Prime Minister - you can see it on YouTube.

And... had 2 days at the Electric Picnic festival in Ireland with Aberfeldy, the Blue Nile and Mark Mackie of Regular Music. It was a great festival with a really good vibe, a fantastic sense of community, great location, great food, and really great music.

Aberfeldy have had some blistering sets on their tour and having seen them in Perth, Manchester, Ireland and London the gigs in Edinburgh tonight and Glasgow tomorrow should not be missed! Coming up over the next few weeks for Aberfeldy are trips to Dundee, Wigtown and Mexico City.

Aberfeldy - Perth, Sept 1, 2006.        Photo: Julia Nicolle

I've been invited to talk once more on a panel at In The City, England's most influential music conference, where of course like all good conferences the best part is the live music which is all over the city centre over 3 days in October... maybe see you there?

Mushrooms, Loch Tay - Aug 26, 2006.        Photo: Julia Nicolle


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mexico....lucky Aberfeldy...lucky Mexicans...British Council...good taste...send them all over the world.....peace man!

4:27 PM  

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