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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Whatever turns you on

Live music will be dominating all conversation at the ILMC conference this weekend as promoters and agents from all over the world converge on London for their annual get together. It's the 'live' scene that has been most buoyant in the music business recently and as always it's the record industry that plays catch up. No bad thing really as great new artists cut their teeth before record companies and publishers sign them up. That's why I can't wait to get to Austin, Texas next week for SXSW where live music dominates with mostly new and unsigned acts but also recently signed and up and coming acts as well as some pretty cool established acts like Neil Young, the Pretenders, Billy Bragg and a few others which you can check out on the SWSW site.

Been watching a bit of telly this week on the rise and fall and rise again of NME and complete demise of Smash Hits. Some people seemed quite sad - me? well I think we've needed a change for a long time and the excitement music gives to people who want to share that with others, do it through things like MySpace and the internet in general.

People still love sharing information about music and turning friends and others on to what they like and reading about it in a magazine or on the's the music that matters.

I am off with Aberfeldy in a couple of days to the aforementioned SXSW where the band are playing quite a few gigs - Of course I'm spoiled because I have heard the just finished second it happens Riley has posted two songs from the album on

We'll be joining a host of other Scottish artists out there and I have to praise and thank the Scottish Arts Council for helping us in many ways, not least with some of the costs and for organising and supporting the Scottish presence at the world's most exciting music convention.



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